On a free walking tour I learned that these lions are a little off. The artist did not have access to an entire taxidermic lion nor a live lion and so used a stuffed lion's head to model the head, and his dog as a model for the body.

Paris & Giverny

The three following sketches were done in Giverny in the gardens around Monet's house. It may be the most beautiful place in the world; the flowers were amazing even in October. When I was little I read the children's book Linnea in Monet's Garden and ended up recreating her trip without even intending it (Orangie Museum one day to see the water lily rooms, Giverny the next).

Paris, the Louvre.


Medieval wing of the Louvre.

From the Cluny Museum of the Medieval Age. I love crazy medieval headwear.

Sketches from various pieces in the Centre Pompidou.

Camille Claudel, The Age of Maturity, second version 1899. Claudel has her own room at the Rodin Museum in Paris. It is my favorite room in the museum (I think her work is much more dynamic and emotional than Rodin's and if she had been male, she would be better known than him).