Florence, Italy: The Duomo from the Rose Gardens

For the next seventy days, I'll be posting one sketchbook page a day. These are all drawings from a five week backpacking trip through Europe this March and April. The itinerary goes something like this:
Florence, Italy,
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
Edinburgh, Scotland
London, England
Bruges, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic
Fussen, Germany
Munich, Germany
All the drawings were done with a cheap mechanical pencil in a Moleskin sketchbook-- most while standing up, some while walking, others while wearing mittens (Europe was freezing!).


On September 9th, I left for Italy with my aunt and cousin. After spending two weeks dashing around there, I headed to Paris by myself. Two weeks in Paris were followed by visits to Bruges, Ghent, and Brussels in Belgium, Amsterdam, and London and Bath England. I returned to the United States on November 9th with two completed sketchbooks. Sitting in the Heathrow airport waiting for my flight home, I took a good 45 minutes to look through the sketchbooks and was surprised by the growth evident over the course of the sketchbooks. The sketches are backdated to correspond with the day on which they were made; please take time to look around and feel free to leave comments.


Natural History Museum. This museum is beautifully designed. Instead of gargoyles, there are pterodactyls and animals and carved monkeys climb ladders in the atrium.

Science Museum