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So I made a couple of prints on Sunday and Monday, and found it enjoyable. On Tuesday I talked to Rockhill Bakehouse about having a print show in the next couple of months. The same day I learned that the artist who was going to put work up on Sunday (tomorrow) couldn't do it, so would I be willing to put work up then? And, being me, I said yes.

I've spent the past few days making prints, framing, etc. and will be putting up the show tomorrow (good thing there's coffee there). So, stop by between the 8th and April 2nd to see the work, have a really good sandwich, or pick up the best bread on the East Coast.

All the prints are for sale, and as they're prints, I do have multiple copies of a number of them (on varying paper). If you are interested in purchasing work, please shoot me an email or give me a call.