Sneek Peek & studio

On Monday I posted Chapter 9 for the Untitled & Unwritten exhibit that goes up in May. Well, there are eight other finished illustrations that you haven't seen in their finished form! May 1st, I'll link to all nine on the exhibit's official blog, but until then, here's Chapter 5: Two Feet to Dance.
And here's the painted filing cabinet... Yes, it's ridiculously bright. I love it. I used blank magnets for the drawer labels. It's allowed me to clear a lot of boxes out of my room (which is also a studio) and made everything more accessible. I also took the time to go through all my fabric and take at least a 6"x 6" swatch from each. These are collected in one accessible place and the rest has been put away; it makes a staggering difference in such a small place.
And here's a photo of a drawer of parts- mostly because I love the bag of hands.