Nesting Dolls

My roommate picked up some unpainted nesting dolls for me (something I've been trying to find for ages). I finally had a chance to play around with them. I'd love to find more somewhere.


The smallest and middle dolls. The purple one opens at the mouth so that he can literally devour the smaller one when it nests inside. 

 This last image is of the largest, which I did a few months ago. I abandoned if halfway because I don't particularly like it and will sand it down and repaint it to belong in a set with the others. The color scheme will probably be orange and red with painted scales.

If I had another set I'd probably do a playful version of the classic Matryoshka (a little like this last image). There's a set of magical Matryoshka in the graphic novel script I wrote this past semester, and after writing about them, I'd like to paint some. The size and shape make them a very interesting canvas.