Adult Art Workshops

This workshop is designed with specific limitations as to materials and techniques. There is no set product that a participant will produce. Rather, the workshop seeks to encourage creativity without overwhelming the participant. These work well as paint and sip sessions and all experience levels are welcome.

Stencils and Collage

Participants will be provided with hand-cut stencils, a limited palette of four colors, and cut papers. Palettes, stencils, and cut papers will vary.

Relief Printmaking & Bookbinding

Participants will carve a rubber block and print it on paper. As the print dries, participants will learn basic bookbinding methods. Using the prints as covers, the participants will sew their own books.

Custom Fabric Envelopes: Stamping on Fabric & Hand Sewing

A brief lesson on patterns and images on printed textiles will open the class. Using sketches, participants will carve rubber blocks. These blocks will then be used to stamp the images onto cloth. Participants can make a single impression of the image or multiple impressions to create a pattern. Using simple hand-sewing techniques, participants will then sew their printed fabric into an envelope purse or bag.