Children's Art Classes


Learn about Pop Art and then paint an image of a Lego minifigure. After a brief lesson on Pop Art and a demonstration of acrylic techniques, students will paint their own minifigure masterpieces on canvases.

Brick Building & Drawing

Learn the basics of 1-point and 2-point perspective by drawing Lego creations! Pencil and colored pencil will be used.

Studio Art

Learn basic drawing, painting, and collage techniques. Historical examples will be used in each class and students will be introduced to the elements and principles of art.

Mixed-Media Creations

Clay, found objects, paint, fabric, cardboard, many things can be combined to create art! This class is based on my three-dimensional illustration work and is presented with a theme (characters, self-portraits, habitats, vehicles, etc.)

Custom Fabric Envelopes: Stamping on Fabric & Hand Sewing

A brief lesson on patterns and images on printed textiles will open the class. Using sketches, participants will carve rubber blocks. These blocks will then be used to stamp the images onto cloth. Participants can make a single impression of the image or multiple impressions to create a pattern. Using simple hand-sewing techniques, participants will then sew their printed fabric into an envelope purse or bag. Ages 10-14. Can also be taught as a parent-child class for children ages 8+ and an accompanying parent. Great for Mother's Day!