Marika McCoola has worked with schools and libraries to run a variety of programs about the relationship between words and text. Programs have included graphic novel and journaling workshops as well as presentations on the writing, editing, and publishing process. An advocate for visual literacy, Marika is available to speak with both children and adults and is happy to tailor her workshops to fit current units or curriculum. Please email Marika to inquire about programs and availability.

"Having taught MAUS in my 8th grade curriculum for almost ten years and seeing first-hand the power that well-written graphic novels can have with students of all abilities and interests, Marika McCoola's upcoming novel, Baba Yaga's Assistant is sure to be a hit with Middle Level educators.  A talented and passionate artist/author, amazing things are sure to continue to come from Marika that will undoubtedly enrich classrooms lucky enough to hear her speak in person or to experience her work."

Rob Manning, Teacher, Glens Falls Middle School

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